Selection Criteria

The Orange Network is extending an invitation to stakeholders who are passionate about blockchain innovation to join our validator community. As guardians of the network validators play a crucial role in steering its direction, ensuring its stability, and governing its operations. Our approach to selecting validators is holistic, focusing on their contributions to the network's health and growth beyond mere participation for rewards.

Keep the Orange Network Secure and Earn Rewards Orange holders are incentivized to stake their tokens to secure the Orange Network, while receiving a reward in return. Run an Orange node, stake your tokens, and earn token rewards.

Validator Staking requirements and application processes are currently being established. Here is some useful information about the process:

Key Criteria for Validator Selection

The selection of validators for the Orange Network is based on a set of criteria designed to ensure the network remains robust, secure, and forward-thinking. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

Blockchain Infrastructure Expertise: A solid background in managing blockchain infrastructure, with specific experience in operating validator nodes, is essential. This ensures that validators are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain network stability and security.

Active Contribution and Development: Validators are expected to actively engage in deploying, creating, and building upon the Orange Network. Contributions such as analytics tools, applications, and other third-party applications that enhance the network's functionality are highly valued.

Promotion and Advocacy: A commitment to promoting the Orange Network within their established audience and beyond is crucial. Validators should act as ambassadors, highlighting the network's capabilities and attracting new participants to foster a vibrant and growing community.

Evolution of the Selection Process

In the initial phases, the selection of validators will be conducted by the Orange Core team and existing high-performing members of the validator community. This ensures that the network's foundational governance and operational standards are set by those with proven expertise and commitment. Over time, this selection process will evolve to become more inclusive, opening opportunities for a broader range of stakeholders to participate in securing the network.

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