Participation in the Orange Testnet is open to all interested parties, from individual users, independent developers and startup teams to large-scale enterprises. By participating, testers not only contribute to the refinement of the Orange Network but also gain early access to its innovative features and the opportunity to shape its evolution. The Orange Network is an ongoing development, designed and support by over years of practical experience from people who have built multiple complex systems and products in the blockchain space.

Governance, Voting and Democratization

As we journey towards decentralization, ORANGE token holders play a pivotal role in shaping the democratization of the Orange network. With voting rights attached the ORANGE token, holders wield the power to influence network governance, propose changes, and collectively steer the direction of this decentralized ecosystem. Empowering the Orange community to actively participate in decision-making ensures that the Orange network evolves in alignment with the collective vision and values of its stakeholders, fostering a truly inclusive and democratic environment for innovation and growth.

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