Joining the Validator Community

We invite those who share our vision for a decentralized, efficient, and user-centric blockchain network to express their interest in becoming a validator. By joining the Orange Network's validator community, you will not only contribute to the network's resilience and growth but also shape the future of blockchain technology. Together, we can build a network that stands as a testament to innovation, collaboration, and shared success in the digital age.

The determining factors for choosing validators, include but are not limited to the validators ability to govern and provide stability to the network. They should be contributing to the network and not just running validator nodes for rewards alone:

Blockchain Infrastructure experience and specifically experience running Validators.

Deploying, creating, and building on Orange. Validators may contribute analytics tools, applications, and other valuable 3rd party applications that better the Orange network.

Promoters and advocates for the Orange network. The validators should highlight the Orange network to an established audience and in addition bring in new participants to the network.

In the preliminary stages the validators will be chosen by existing and high performing validators and in time this selection process will become more open.

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