Road to Mainnet

The insights gathered from the Orange Testnet will inform the final adjustments before the ORANGE Network's mainnet launch. The phased approach to testing and development ensures that each component is meticulously validated, guaranteeing a robust and efficient network from day one.

Phase 1: Initial deployment and basic functionality testing.

Phase 2: Scalability and Performance optimization.

Phase 3: Security audits and vulnerability assessments.

Phase 4: Community-driven stress testing and final iterations. Phase 5: Community, Builders and Partnership Growth.

The Orange Testnet is more than a testing ground; it's a cornerstone of the Orange Network's development strategy. It underscores our dedication to delivering a blockchain solution that is not only technologically advanced but also community-focused and resilient. By engaging with the Orange Testnet, the Orange Network ecosystem grows stronger, more secure, and ready to support the future of web3 and the metaverse.

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